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Rules and Scoring

Salary Cap Draft

Fantasy 6’s Salary Cap drafts are designed to let you get the players you want! In a Salary Cap Draft you must fill your team’s roster without going over the 100K salary cap. These contests will generally draw larger number of participants. A 1st place finish in one of these contests earns you BIG money but usually about the top 15% get paid. Increase your odds by entering up to 5 teams for these multi-entry contests. Good luck!

It's easy to complete;

  1. The cap is $100 000, your drafted team must stay under it to be eligible.
  2. Fill all the roster slots by drafting your favorite players
  3. Submit your team and crush the competition!
  4. You can edit your rosters right up until the first game starts through the My Drafts page

You can track your team's results through the My Drafts Page

Snake Live Draft

Fantasy 6's LIVE Snake draft allows you to experience the thrill of a pressure-filled, real-time, player-by-player live draft process in which owners test their knowledge and skill against each other. Welcome to the PROs! Each team owner drafts unique players via a back-and-forth, round-by-round draft order (i.e., 1-10, 10-1, 1-10, 10-1, etc.) until all roster slots are full. Fantasy 6 offers the luxury of official statistical data in every category you can think of to assist you in this contest filled with important decisions. Good Luck!

It's easy to complete;

  1. Fill your team's roster by drafting your favorite players.
  2. By clicking on a player's name you will put them in the draft box. Then click the Draft Player button to add that player to your roster.
  3. Use click and drag to fill the Queue box with a short list of the players you want, making it easy to find them in those pressure situations. *if Auto Draft is activated, it will pick from your queued players first.*
  4. You will have 2 minutes each round to complete your selection.

You can track your team's results and make changes to your roster through the My Drafts Page


Offensive Points
Rushing Yards Gained 0.1
Rushing Touchdowns 6
Passing Yards Gained 0.04
Passing Touchdowns 4
Interceptions -2
Receiving Yards 0.1
Receiving Touchdowns 6
Receptions 0.5
Kickoff Return Touchdowns 6
Punt Return Touchdowns 6
Fumbles Lost -2
Own Fumbles Recovered for Touchdowns 6
2pt Coversions Scored 2
2pt Coversions Passes 2
Field Goals (0-39 yards) 3
Field Goals (40-49 yards) 4
Field Goals (50+ yards) 5
Extra Point Conversion 1
Defensive Points
Sacks 1
Opponent Fumbles Recovered 2
Interception return touchdowns 6
Fumble return touchdowns 6
Kickoff return touchdowns 6
Punt return touchdowns 6
Safetys 2
Blocked kicks 2
Interceptions 4
0 Points Allowed 10
1-6 Points Allowed 7
7-13 Points Allowed 4
14-20 Points Allowed 1
21-27 Points Allowed -1
28-34 Points Allowed -3
35-45 Points Allowed -4
46+ Points Allowed -7
Fowards/Defense Points
Goals 3
Assists 2
Short handed goals 1
Overtime Goals 2
Game Winning Goals 0.5
Hat Tricks 3
Shoot out goal 0.5
Shots on goal 0.3
Penalty Minutes 0.2
Goalies Points
Goals 25
Assists 2
Wins 4
Shut Outs 3
Goals against -0.5
Saves 0.2
Hitters Points
Single 1
Double 2
Triple 3
Homerun 4
RBI 1.25
Run 1
BB 1
Stolen Base 2
Hit by Pitch 1
Strike Out -1
Pitchers Points
Win 5
Earned Run -1
Strike out 1.25
Inning pitched 1
3pt FG 3
2pt FG 2
Free Throw 1
Rebound 1.25
Assist 1.25
Block 2
Steal 2.25
Turnover -1
Double double 2
Triple double 5
Goal 15
Assist 9
Shot 1.5
Shot on Goal 1.5
Fouls Drawn 1
Red Card -1.5
Saves (GK) 3
Goal Allowed (GK) -3
Clean Sheet (GK, D) 7.5
One Goal Allowed (GK, D) 3
Win (GK) 7.5
Penalty Kick Save (GK) 4.5